You have to do it by yourself,
but you don’t have to do it alone.



Is there a deeper way of living that doesn’t trap my soul?

What can I do to live from my true self and at the same time be successful in this materialistic world?

How can integrate into my life, a spiritual experience I have had?

As an Independent Spiritual Seeker you may be struggling  to find your way as a non-follower and feeling lost and alone. You may have had a peak awakening on the mountaintop but now find it hard living in the valley, where most people don’t have a clue what you experienced. You may feel frustrated and depressed dragging yourself to work secretly knowing there is a deeper life available…and not knowing how to access it. It’s difficult living in the gap between the spiritual and ordinary life.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Are you ready to step into a radically different and more fulfilling way of living? Read about the program below and afterwards, I’ll tell you about the first steps you can take to begin your deeper life.

A Spiritual Mentorship Program

11134090 s

The Spiritual Mentorship Program is a Life Coaching program with a difference. It relies on one core ingredient to manifest the life of your dreams; a crucial factor that is overlooked in most personal development programs:

The Power and Magic of your True Self.

Through a number of self-awareness practices you will strengthen the conscious connection to your divine essence so that you can live more in the moment with authenticity and presence with an open mind and pure heart.  

You will experience that your strongest source of empowerment, resourcefulness, inner strength, full potential and love are sourced from within. As you continue to embody your true self, other tools and techniques will be taught concurrently to help you master important spheres of your life, so that you can be more prosperous and successful without sacrificing your soul.

According to your need, you will receive guidance on how to:

  • Give voice to your life purpose
  • Open up to your divine attributes and inner gifts
  • Find inner peace through non-religious spiritual practices
  • Understand the nature of the self and reactive mind
  • Develop and listen to your intuition
  • Solve difficult problems
  • Find direction and spiritual guidance on a daily basis
  • Master your energy states
  • Dissolve criticalness and limiting beliefs
  • Make conscious choices
  • Experience deeper rapport with loved ones
  • Create and recognize coincidence and  synchronicity
  • Learn from and overcome fear
  • Let go of negative karma and develop good luck
  • Live more from your heart
  • Enhance your communication skills to improve your relationships
  • Take creative, intelligent and effective action

30502784 s

As you cultivate the deep communion with your true self and learn these spiritual life transformation skills, you will find the fulfillment of this connection infusing all areas of your personal world. Life will become an adventure worth living.It is highly recommended that participants of Spiritual Mentorship attend the Coming Home Retreat before or during the program.


  • 1 to 1 mentorship sessions by phone, skype on in person.
  • 60 minute sessions twice a month. 
  • A minimum 3 month commitment or 6 sessions

Fee: Once a month:  $90/month for 6 sessions or a single payment of $520 plus hst
        Twice a month: $165/month for 10 sessions or a single payment of $825 plus tax

Participants of the program will be given a $50 discount on the 4 day Coming Home Retreat and a 10% discount on all Awaken the Guru in You services.

Are you ready to take the first step into a deeper, more fulfilling and prosperous life?

For a free suitability interview: Call Russell at: 519-829-4149 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Russell will spend 30-40 minutes with you listening to where you are at right now, helping you discover what you really want in your life and answering any questions about the program. Together you and Russell will find out (no fancy sales pitches) if the program is a fit for you.

You have to do it by yourself and you don’t have to do it alone

Imagine being reborn, having forgotten everything you thought you know about anything. Your eyes open to the complexity of existence which your mind can not possibly grasp, in which you feel like you may be the only one feeling, seeing, witnessing, and experiencing the world in the way you now are, and to be holding inside equal amounts of hope and joy as well as confusion and uncertainty. Then in comes an unconditionally loving presence that allows you to be completely as you are, relates to your experience in the truest of empathic and caring ways, helps guide you toward experiences and realizations that will fill you with meaning and understanding, and is just simply glad you are, there; exactly as you are. This is what my time with Russell Scott has been like in our mentor/clearing sessions.

To work with Russell is to literally be in the loving presence of someone who allows what is to be, and you to be as you are. Through this unconditional acceptance, and love, he helps streamline the awakening process, and guides the orienting of the expression of the presence of those whom he is with. He shows how to find your own spiritual legs and how to be the holder of your own hand. If you have just woke up and found yourself in the middle of a brand new realm of experience you are trying to make sense of and integrate into your life, please do what I did and reach out to Russell. I am grateful for every second we spent together and every word spoken between us.

Anthony Cavico, Virgin Islands USA

"I came to Russell because he seemed authentic, and someone not laden with religious or cultural presumptions. I wanted to speak with someone spiritual who wasn't pretentious or dogmatic. At the time I came to Russell, I was suffering from various inflictions, including self-doubt, insomnia, and general uncertainty. I found in Russell a refreshing lightness - he was clearly 'there', and every interaction with him wasn't about his ego, or his way. He was open, curious, and lighthearted. Very compassionate. When talking to him, it almost felt like he was speaking from a place of possibility and light. And I wanted some - he was so unburdened, and unencumbered that I found it very liberating to be in his presence. 

He never made me feel stupid, or wrong, but instead allowed me to explore my own truth. Slowly, new petals emerged on the rose of my heart - revealing my beauty, truth, and goodness. I felt safe, comfortable, and heard. I never felt talked down to or disrespected. It has been absolutely wonderful working with Russell - I've met very few people like him in my life, and I genuinely miss him at the end of every session. He has given me tremendous faith in myself." 

Shekhar Dewan New Brunswick

Contact Russell now for your free suitability interview at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 519-829-4149




“I saw myself as being exactly as I am. The beauty of it was beyond anything I could describe. I felt that every single thing I did was being done for the first time: food was unbelievable, my reflection in the mirror was beautiful and hilarious, my belly – which I typically have a negative relationship with – felt bountiful, solid and exactly the way it should be. I wanted absolutely everyone in the world to experience what I had experienced!"

—Brenda McMorrow - Singer/Songwriter, Guelph, Ontario

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