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Awakening The Guru In You Book

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Awakening the Guru in You Book

Many of us have become allergic to the fast-food beliefs served up by our social conditioning and religious conventions. We have set out to find our own answers within. The search can be daunting for hungry non-followers. We can easily feel lost as we face the unknown.

Awakening the Guru in You presents the Co-evolution process: a modern-day approach to personal growth and spirituality based on the way consciousness naturally evolves in your ordinary life. It will turn you 90 degrees on your chair from listening to the dogmatic leader to relating with one another, accelerating the spiritual path so it becomes truly alive and engaging.

Discover how spiritual seekers partnering together can:

  • let go of confusion and doubt 
  • access deep insight and resolve persistent problems  
  • open up to the divine nature in self, life and others 
  • experience ultimate Truth in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Be forewarned that some sacred beliefs may get shattered as you encounter some hilarious "ah-ha" moments scattered throughout this remarkable book!

"Russell Scott has walked a path deep, painful, funny and above all fruitful. His awakenings and insights pour forth from these pages. The whole simple approach of Co-evolution and the dozens of practical exercises in this book will set your inner process on fire, empower you and help you build an amazing life for yourself."

- Lawrence Noyes author, trainer and spiritual teacher


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