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Do You Feel Drawn to Help People

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Would You Like to Make a Good Income Helping Others

 Get What They Truly Want in Life?

clearing practitioner trainingIf you are interested in entering the profession of coaching or adding a coaching modality to the helping profession you are in, Clearing Practitioner Training will give you the experience of significantly helping people resolve difficult issues and move towards their life goals while you make a good part-or full-time income.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is an “assisted” self-inquiry process in which a Clearing Practitioner helps clients come to greater self-awareness by giving specific instructions related to their issues. Through deep listening the Clearing practitioner ensures that communication is continually completed and the client is seen, heard and consistently understood.

As these incomplete communications from the past and current relationships are completed, barriers to the person’s fuller engagement in life are dissolved. New energy enters the body and the mind becomes clearer. With the problem now understood, the practitioner can help the client develop an action plan and support them to achieve their goals.

The process is based on the understanding that many problems are the result of:

  • Predicaments in life that the individual was not able to fully experience or comprehend
  • Communications to others that were not completed
  • Erroneous beliefs connected with these
  • False solutions or unrealistic decisions that don’t work

Clearing does not involve:

Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy or hypnosis

Any assessment or diagnosis of specific mental or emotional disorders

Interventions to change thinking or behaviour

Advice or suggestions to take on the therapist’s perspective or point of view

clearing practitioner training

What Clearing is:

Clearing is based on these spiritual understandings:

  • Individuals are unique, already complete, divine and universal in nature
  • Individuals are not identified as the mind or personality, but they “act through” these.
  • Individuals create their mind and personality and therefore can become free of their limitations through free choice.
  • Individuals do not need to be improved. Only their understandings of Self, Life and others needs to be developed.
  • Relating to others is the fundamental activity in life.
  • Since most achievement in life is connected with others, if individuals can improve their ability to authentically communicate they will have a greater chance of success and happiness in life.

Ultimately Clearing helps people overcome difficulties, take responsibility for how they have created their circumstances and sets them on a new path of creating a brighter future. As problems are dissolved, the heart opens, wisdom spontaneously occurs and the full magnificence of one’s true being shows up.

Clearing Practitioner Training

Clearing Practitioner training is a comprehensive, training on the nature of the true self and the formation, structure and clearing of personal and interpersonal barriers through communication. The training will significantly evolve your ability to effectively help most individuals who come to you stuck in current or long term problems and give you the deep satisfaction that you have significantly contributed to their lives.

The education you will receive on communication strategies alone can be universally applied to improve your personal and business relationships and the effectiveness of any helping modality you practice. The student sessions you receive as part of the course and the resolution of personal issues are worth the investment alone.

There are 3 levels of training: Clearing Practitioner Training I, II and III

clearing practitioner trainingFocus of Clearing Practitioner Training I (Basics of Clearing)

The course will bring the student to a mastery of the fundamental helping method known as "The Clearing Communication Cycle", which is the foundation of all processes that are used in the Clearing process. As the student improves his/her ability in this area, techniques to help resolve specific problems will be introduced in the basic course and in advanced courses.

Features of Clearing Practitioner Training I:

  1. 90 hours of in-class training scheduled over 3 four day periods or and 2 six day periods approximately every 2-3 months
  2. Training drills that improve your ability to get consistent results with your clients
  3. Supervised experience in giving basic Clearing Sessions
  4. Student sessions to dissolve personal issues that block your effectiveness as a clearer.
  5. The “Communication Mastery” Manual

The Training Includes:

  • Creating and maintaining rapport
  • Managing "The Clearing Communication Cycle
  • The Standard Session model
  • Ethics for Clearers
  • The Initial Exploration Session
  • Using  3-D Models for problem solving and strategy
  • Marketing and building your Practice
  • Supervision sessions between training weekends and after the course
  • Certificate upon completion of the course

As well as:

How to run and end basic processes for:

  • Clearing Current Problems
  • Clarifying goals, developing strategy and supporting action
  • Improving Relationships
  • Clearing Karma
  • Crisis Management

The Training would be a fit for you if you;

  • Want to make a full or part-time living helping others
  • Have an existing holistic practice and you want to add a coaching service to your practice to increase your income
  • Are a social worker or therapist and want to improve your effectiveness in helping
  • Are in sales promotion or a leadership role and want to improve employee relations, performance, conflict resolution and bottom line profits in your work place
  • Are you a person interested in the nature of the true self and want to evolve spiritually

clearing-practitioner-trainingTuition: $1650.00 plus HST or a deposit of $300 plus $290/month for 5 months - includes manuals and all training listed above.  Limit 8 people.

Dates: Group 1: July 4 to 9  and September 30 to October 4 2015

            Group 2: July 4 to 6, July 18 to 20, September 19 to 21, October 2-4, 2015, 

Note: Group 1 is appropriate for students coming from a distance and Group 2 is appropriate for local students.

*Note: Students may take the first 4 days of Level I to try out the training before committing to the full Training

About Clearing Practitioner Training II and III

The advanced trainings will build the practitioner's ability to resolve a broader range of specific issues, mentioned during the first training.  During these trainings, practitioners will be earning an income as the training evolves that could easily pay for the courses. 


Application form and Interview with training instructor

More information e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


“I know now that I just happen to have a mind, just like I have a leg or own a dog. I am not the content of my mind. For so long I’ve believed I was my thoughts. How hilarious! I’ve just been me all along. This is tremendously freeing!”

—Ross Allen –Sales Rep, Thunder Bay, Ontario

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