You have to do it by yourself,
but you don’t have to do it alone.



Experience the Calmness, Serenity and Deep Peace Within,
Deeply Connected to the Calm Oasis
of Your True Self.

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If you clicked on this page I imagine that you might be looking for more calmness and clarity of mind in your life ... hopefully in a way that is lasting.

You’ve probably had experiences when you felt wonderfully peaceful – timeless moments in your fast-paced world when you settled into a deeper serenity inside yourself.

Maybe it was on a summer beach watching the sun go down, during a quiet time after a hard day’s work, in a period of reminiscence with a loved one or even in the midst of a spiritual epiphany.

There was lightness to your being. You felt refreshed, relaxed and awake. The present moment of “being here now” was beautiful…

but for some reason it faded.

Some people fall back into one of these reactions to daily stress: the constant monkey mind chatter, the tension in your shoulders, the queasy stomach, the irritability, the worrying and the sense of being on edge, emotional, scattered or being lost in it all.

Maybe you are hoping to turn over a new leaf in a new way let go of all the hard stuff from the past months or year and launch yourself with ease into a new way of being? experience the optimism and clarity centred in the calm oasis of your true self?

Well it is entirely possible to get that "light" feeling back and maintain it in your daily routine.

If this speaks to you then maybe you are interested in attending the

Clear Mind / Pure Heart

New Year's Meditation and Yoga  Retreat
January 8-10,  2021 near Orangeville

meditation retreat

In this 2 1/2 day retreat, you will learn the basic essential techniques of meditation distilled from ancient practices and placed in a western context without the dogma or jargon of religious belief.

You will understand how stress manifests in your body and is a major contributor to most of our modern health problems. You will learn to access the “relaxation response”at will, like a “re-set button” that re-establishes the equilibrium of physical relaxation, emotional calm, and mental alertness. You will experience how the “deep rest” that meditation gives, is an antidote to the constant tension in your life.

By the end of the retreat you will have acquired a daily practice of meditation that when practiced over time, can free you from the constant disabling chatter of the mind and help you access inner serenity, happiness and joy.

"Meditation frees individuals from the tenacious preoccupation with the past and future and allows them to fully experience life's precious moments" Daeja Napier, founder of the Insight Meditation Center, Boston

Features of the retreat:

  1.     Delicious buffet-style vegetarian meals
  2.     Accommodation for 2 nights in a secluded rural retreat centre
  3.     Guided meditations that you then do on your own
  4.     Yoga and movement periods
  5.     Sound therapy
  6.     Silent sitting and walking periods
  7.     Some paired self-inquiry and meditation training exercises
  8.     Instruction on:
  • The scientific basis of meditation
  • The basic techniques of meditation: and their most effective applications
  • How to elicit the “relaxation response” at will
  • Simple relaxing yoga and movement instruction.
  • Crucial prepatory practice often missed in meditation instruction that quickly puts you in the “meditative zone”
  • How to use breathing to deepen your serenity
  • Sound "bathing" for healing with gongs, singing bowls, chimes and other instruments
  • A special "Letting Go" ceremony to clear the stress and disappointments of the past year and start manifesting your new aspirations for the next year.
  • A Guided Meditation CD that you can use to reinforce your practice at home.

Physical distancing and mask-wearing protocols will be in place.

In addition, for an additional can book a 1/2 hour 2021 reading from an intuitive reader while at the retreat.

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Although subjective results cannot be guaranteed, these are the common experiences people have on the retreat:

  • Physical relaxation
  • Emotional calmness
  • Heightened mental alertness and clarity
  • Inner happiness not dependent on outer circumstance
  • Improved concentration
  • More detachment from “mind chatter” and worry
  • A deeper connection to your “true being”
  • An expansion and stabilization of prior spiritual experience
  • More balanced energy
  • A sense of inner wholeness

This retreat will be a fit for you if you: 

  • Would like to be in your life fully and want time to uwind, relax and experience a deeper serenity within.
  • Are a beginning meditator and want to establish a daily practice of bringing calmness and centredness into your daily life.
  • Have an estabished meditation practice and are open to try some different approaches to meditation and the unique form of paired self-inquiry taught on the retreat.
  • Are looking to follow a non-dogmatic spiritual path without having to follow a guru.
  • Yearn to let go of stress from the past and experience opitimism and new possiblity for the future.
  • Feel an inner pull to connect more intimately with your true self.

NOTE: The retreat will have an extended silent period and talking will be allowed at some meal and break times on Sunday. There will also be some communication during the paired self-inquiry exercises on Sunday.

“Before the retreat I was stressed out, confused, sad, tired feeling far away from myself. Now I have a calm, clearer sense of myself, knowing that I can be who I want to be just because I want to be it and the universe supports me…that is enough. I have a slowness that I was looking for. I feel rooted in my body, healthy and really well rested”  
Meera Sethi, Artist, Toronto

Date: January 8-10, 2021 near Orangeville, ON

Location: The Ecology Retreat Centre near Orangeville ON

Cost: There are 3 options for payment for the retreat, which include two nights accommodation, 6 meals and the workshop fee. Choose the one that suits you best:

1. Full Cost Option:  $595 plus hst ($672)  Add to cart
2. Two Pay Option: $350 plus hst now and $270 plus hst
December 1st 2020
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3. *Pay From the Heart: $350 plus hst ($395.50)
and a donation at the end of retreat (see below)
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If you are not sure if the retreat is a fit for you, you can request a SUITABILITY INTERVIEW by clicking on:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMPORTANT: Due to retrictions of physical distancing from Co-Vid there is a maximum of 15 participants allowed on site. Please enroll early to guarantee your place.

For more Information contact: (519)-829-4149 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

***Pay from the Heart***
I am committed to making the retreat financially accessible to everyone. The upfront fee is just the cost of your meals and accommodation. At the end of the retreat, you will be given the opportunity to make a contribution for the leaders' facilitation based on the perceived value of what the retreat was worth to you. This contribution can be a onetime donation or monthly deposits.We trust that you will get in touch with the long term benefit of the retreat in your life and make your decision honestly. 

Retreat Leaders


Russell Scott is one of the new generation of "no dogma teachers" and  the author of the acclaimed book: "Awakening the Guru in You". He has led over hundreds of retreats for the past 30 years. Previously as the owner of the Ecology Retreat Centre near Orangeville he pioneered programs in green building, sustainable living and spiritual awakening. As an “Awakening guide” he has helped 1000’s of people in his one-to-one and group programs break through past limitations so that they can walk in the beauty, honesty and magnificence of who they really are. His greatest joy in life is watching people fall off their seats in fits of laughter when they realize their true nature.



Eva Dametto (aka Barbara) is the founder and director of Breathe True Yoga located in Guelph, Ontario. She is a hatha yoga instructor, expressive arts practitioner, movement facilitator, sound healer and visual and performing artist. She received her chakra yoga 500 hour teacher training in Thailand at the Pyramid Yoga Center in 2016 and 2008. In addition she has received extensive training in Sound Healing, Journey and Soul Motion Dance and Expressive Arts. Her creativity, love of learning and eclectic background all contribute to her unique approach to facilitating and self-expression.





“I know now that I just happen to have a mind, just like I have a leg or own a dog. I am not the content of my mind. For so long I’ve believed I was my thoughts. How hilarious! I’ve just been me all along. This is tremendously freeing!”

—Ross Allen –Sales Rep, Thunder Bay, Ontario

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