You have to do it by yourself,
but you don’t have to do it alone.



Bright Life One Day Workshops

These one day series of workshops on popular topics will give you a good taste of the co-evolution method as facilitated by Russell. Some people like to try out this self-inquiry method and experience its benefits before taking a longer retreat.

In addition, each of these workshops is done on a "Pay from the Heart" basis. You leave a small deposit of $25.00 to register and leave a contribution at the end based on the value you feel you received from the workshop. (Each workshop is valued from $75 to $125.).

The first 15 people to enroll will receive a free author signed copy of Russell's book: Awakening the Guru in You. 

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 Is there a part of yourself that continually puts yourself down inspite of your valiant attempts to prop yourself up?

Do you feel “something” is holding you back in life?

What if there was a way of finding the best part of your self in what you sometimes consider the "not-so-good" part.

How would that change your life and the way you interact with others?

Attend this one day workshop and improve your relationship with yourself. 

Saturday November 28, 2015 in Guelph

Love is a source of the greatest joy and greatest pain. We all yearn for it yet when we get hurt in love we can retreat into the over-protective prison of the mind and dwell in isolation, fear and sadness or we can collapse and get trapped in vulnerability.

Sometimes you might feel that you are not really in your life. You can have a hard time letting go of the past or worry about the future.

Yet there are times when you have experienced the deep contentment of just being in the now, without any concerns or fear. If you would like to learn to live more centered in these times attend this event.

Money 3s 24Does just thinking the word "money" cause you to cringe?

Do you sometimes wonder if your beliefs  are causing your financial difficulty?

Would you like to let go of lack and open the flow of prosperity in your life?

Many of us feel frustrated that we work so hard to have a good life and then see others working less hard and doing better. What is their secret? Can we blame it on the economy, bad karma or others being greedy?

Or maybe its something going on inside ourselves that's blocking us?

Come to this workshop and explore what sabotages your financial wellness, so that you can experience more ease and prosperity.


“It’s a total different happiness than the one used to know. It bubbles up from deep within and explodes through every cell of my body. It’s totally awesome. I also, for the very first time in my life, don’t worry about the constant approval of others about me.”

—Elaine Priese, Accounting, Holland Centre, Ontario

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