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If you are like me there are times when I just get fed up.

crazymind1200800 1200x800I get fed up with rush hour traffic, Donald Trump, the bills I have to pay, the people that take too long at the bank teller when I am in a rush, the dirty dishes that always have to be done, the snow plow that covers up the driveway when I just shoveled it, problems in relationships, my back pain, the hour long wait to see the doctor, mechanics who don’t fix my car right, the financial worries about the future, the undone goes on and on.

But when it comes down to it I am mostly fed up with my mind ruminating over what it is fed up about.

Our minds can be like a terrorist constantly blowing up our inner peace or torturing us with endless re-circulating conversations with others.

Sometimes it feels like hell. We want to tell our minds where to go. But if we are already in hell where can we tell our minds to go?

How do we create some calm space in this internal fussing?

There are lots of meditative techniques that are helpful but here’s a strategy that you might find useful

Go Back to Just Before the Mind Turns On

When you wake up in the morning there is a brief moment just before you re-acquaint yourself with the world. Then the mind turns on. It’s like an automatic switch that turns on all the fussing.

But just before that switch goes on there is a calm space.
The mind is clearer. There is a sense of refreshment from the night’s sleep.

  • Make a commitment the evening before to pause in that state the next morning when you first wake-up.
  • When you wake up, do not get up right away.
  • Spend some time just enjoying the relaxation of that state. Notice everything about that state: the way it feels in the body, where the peace is located physically, what it looks like if it had a shape and what the sensations and colours are, (smooth, cool, warm, fluid, solid, dark, light, blue, red, etc) what emotion is there and the slow nature of the breathing.
  • Take in some deep breaths and exhalations to anchor or associate that feeling with the calm state.
  • Get up and notice when the mind turns on and all the fussing starts again. Experience once again how you experience that fussing state.

Re-experience the State

Then throughout the day when you get exasperated with your mind, take a deep breath, relax with the out breath and see if you can re-call or re-experience that state before the mind turned on. What will help is if you place your attention on those parts of the body where you felt the calmness in the morning.

Alternatively, for a few moments just notice your thoughts and see if you can notice the brief space between one thought and another. See if you can notice that same feeling that you felt when you first woke up. When you do, take in a deep breath, let it out and try to stay in that calmness as much as you can.

Try out this practice every day for two weeks and see if the fussing subsides and you become calmer and more centered.

For more strategies to calm the mind check out:

ClearMind - PureHeart
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  1. stella

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