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Most people on the spiritual path want to achieve inner peace.

For years and years we have searched for it on the outside only to find that external happiness never lasts. The great tasting meal is temporary, the beautiful fashion changes, the gorgeous hairdo grows out, the great job goes sour and the wonderful relationship breaks-up.

Inevitably, through our lifelong failure to find this happiness, we arrive at the conclusion that inner peace is really in ourselves. So we begin to look there. We take courses, read books, learn to meditate and attend yoga classes and eventually discover that this inner peace is found in the most obvious place. It is so obvious we overlook it: it's in our awareness itself...

When we notice the glint of aliveness in a young child, enjoy a beautiful sunset, feel the love for another, learn a new skill or have a new understanding about the history of music, the very act of becoming aware of anything anew spontaneously brings us fulfillment.

When a new understanding about the nature of our selves occurs it is especially satisfying. If we become aware that in our true nature we all want to be loved then the very act of becoming conscious of that truth softens our heart and we are more able to present ourselves with that new sense of openness. When we become aware of a limiting belief that we took on as a child, we discover that we can choose to act from a different choice and a new feeling of freedom arises.

So if the simple act of becoming conscious is the source of greater satisfaction in life, what it is that can facilitate this?

Let us look to Charles Darwin. He gives a hint in his theory of evolution.

He observed that plants and animals adapted and changed according the influences exerted on them by something in the environment outside themselves. The change that occurred was always in relationship to something else. For example, the chameleon developed the ability to camouflage itself as the result of predation from other animals. The bat developed its method of sonar detection in order to locate its insect prey that began coming out at night to mate and feed. It was due to the relationship that bees have with flowers that plants reproduce i.e. flowers providing food (nectar) for the bees and the bees spreading the pollen. He noticed that it was through interrelationship that all things adapted and developed.

Communication images 26Is this not true with consciousness? Think of where most of our growth in our self- awareness has occurred? Is it not in relationship? As we relate to others and others to us, do we not understand more about ourselves? Do we not come to greater awareness of others? In other words the evolution of consciousness is not something that occurs in's a co-evolutionary process. We evolve together at the same time. This presents a wonderful insight.

One of the common pitfalls of the spiritual path is believing that our spirituality is separate from life. What saves us from this delusion is observing co-evolution as a natural process imbedded in life. Relating is going on everywhere. It's ceaseless. We cannot stop it. It's just what we are constantly doing. And when we notice this, we will also see the wonderful possibility of evolving our own consciousness more rapidly.

Each time we understand another and each time we complete a communication and are understood we advance not only our own evolution but the evolution of others. The fulfillment of becoming more aware grows and we have the experience of living life on a deeper level.

Test this out for yourself. For the next week put your attention on the amount of relating that is going on in life. Work on fully understanding others as they communicate to you and making sure that you get your communications across. Fully see, understand and receive others. See if your awareness grows and also the sense that the evolution of your conscious is not separate from existence and if a deeper sense of peace and being at home in life is there.

Notice how much new awareness comes into your world.

This fundamental understanding of Co-evolution is employed in most of the retreats and one-to-one work methods that I use. When people are trained to listen empathetically with full presence, without judging others, interupting or offering advice then the level of communication naturally becomes more genuine and authentic. People feel safer to share their real human needs, concerns and turmoils and in so doing let go of their suffering and open up to the deeper spiritual truths of life and self. These new understandings occur very naturally without forcing in their own perfect timing.

Over the years I have found that these methods bring individuals very quickly to new insights, release of inner tension and even awakening.

If you want to explore more fully the concept  of Co-evolution and learn its applications in life purchase my book: "Awakening the Guru in You" available  on this website.

Be you to fullness
Russell Scott

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“It’s a total different happiness than the one used to know. It bubbles up from deep within and explodes through every cell of my body. It’s totally awesome. I also, for the very first time in my life, don’t worry about the constant approval of others about me.”

—Elaine Priese, Accounting, Holland Centre, Ontario

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