You have to do it by yourself,
but you don’t have to do it alone.



For many people the world seems to be getting more insecure and crazy.

We are feeling susceptible to the disruption on the planet and it's adding to the overwhelm we experience in our lives. The outer stress can infiltrate our world frustrating our attainment of what we dearly want.

Some people have a vague feeling that they are not in the driver’s seat in their lives. We might conclude we are hopeless to change anything and we just have to go “with the flow”…let go and let god as they say.

But on some level we feel like that’s just going soft…and giving up is just too hard.

Perhaps you may be in this situation.

If so, you may be interested in the

Owning Your Universe Project

I have developed a six week e-program to re-set the energy button in your life from outer influence to inner control so that you can regain your personal power and get back on track to your goals and dreams.

The program consists of approx 15 minutes of daily awareness exercises that you journal and then practice as you go about your every day activity to integrate them into your life. The exercises are deceptively simple but very effective. The understandings that will come from them will be so obvious that you wonder why you missed them.

Here is the weekly program:

  • Week 1: Resetting the power button in your life so you are back in control i.e living by choice rather than by chance, in spite of external disruption.
  • Week 2: Understanding on a profound level that you are the sovereign of your universe, what you control in it and where the sources of your creations originate.
  • Week 3: Deciding what you want in your universe, getting out of the way of it happening and accelerating the change.
  • Week 4: Learning what to do when you get what you don’t want.  Moving from “Oh no” to “Ah yes” …  from a collapsing reaction to a collecting response and then re-connecting to your creative power using the 5 fundamental choices in life.
  • Week 5:  Interacting with others in their universe  How do I want others to treat me and how do I want to treat others? What do I do when my universe intersects with others and they have different choices? 
  • Week 6: Facing the God (or the higher power) issue.  What does she/he/it want from me and me from she/he/it?  Is there a destiny that I am victim to? …and then putting what you have learned into a daily routine and the next steps.

Although this will not be a project of learning success strategies it will establish the foundation in which you are at the strong centre of your life. The belief that you are in control of your experience needs to occur first before anything changes.

Instead of feeling like you are a spectator somehow helplessly watching the movie of your life without your input you will be more able to be the director of your universe.

If you are interested in being a participant here are the details.

Every week for six weeks  you will receive an e-mail with the exercises and practices for that week.

If you have any questions about the assignments you can e-mail me for clarification.

If you do not have time to do the program over the next 6 weeks you can start when you want. You can take the time you need.

Cost: only $35 plus HST and $50 plus HST after February 17th. (plus a small processing fee)

Enroll now by clicking on this link:

Owning Your Universe Project

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“I have met the Real me and he is an amazing person, strong and powerful yet delicate and vulnerable.”

—Ralph Granz, Mechanical Engineer, Toronto, Ontario

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