You have to do it by yourself,
but you don’t have to do it alone.



A belief is a point of view, a perspective and way of seeing things.

When we believe something we tend to only see the things that support our belief and ignore those things that don't. In other words, believing is seeing or when we believe it, we see it.

When belief is erroneous it can cause great suffering.

So how about just for one day this week we stop believing in anything:

Let's stop believing that:

  • The Right is wrong
  • The Left is right
  • Some hats are sacred and some or not
  • Some races are superior and some are inferior
  • There is only one way to get enlightened
  • Black is an unhealthy colour
  • There is something wrong with having an ego
  • We don't exist
  • We are all doomed by climate change
  • I am helpless to make any meaningful change in my life
  • My parents caused all my problems
  • Life is an illusion
  • Opera singers don't like Hip Hop
  • Coffee is bad for you
  • Coffee is good for you
  • Dogs can't meditate
  • Trees are not conscious
  • I am not good enough
  • I will be alone for the rest if my life
  • A saviour is coming soon

How about when we notice a belief we just let go of it and see what happens? Just be the way things actually are rather than the way we think things are.

Maybe without the filter of belief,  in a new sense of openness, we might get out of our heads and experience life rather that just thinking about it...

and instead of believing

we might be-living.  


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“Russell had just given his afternoon talk - encouraging us all to continue to pursue the truth and to accept what ever was arising. To begin the contemplation, he said "take a deep breath, and hold your breath for a moment, then when you feel ready, exhale slowly". As I exhaled, and held my question, (what am I?) in my awareness, I had another direct experience. I knew and felt the answer I am life.”

—Beth Clark, Yoga/Meditation Instructor, Kingston, Ontario

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