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money 5One of the biggest things that influences our prosperity is our beliefs about money.

To show you the truth of this, I'd invite you to do a little experiment.

Just for a moment, entertain the belief that all grey upholstered chairs are very bad for your health. Really take this on...Then imagine yourself sitting in one for an extended period of time. How would you feel in the chair with that belief?

You probably would feel nervous about sitting on it, maybe even somewhat ill. You would not want to sit on it for very long.


Now imagine that you are sitting on that same grey chair but this time having the same negative belief but not knowing that you have that belief. i.e. its unconscious. More than likely you would be feeling ill at ease, nervous and maybe after awhile you might even get ill.

You would be very confused about why you are feeling bad. It would be an enigma.

Its the same with money. If you have unconscious negative beliefs about money eg. "money is evil, its dirty, you have to work hard for it, you have to sacrifice your soul for it, it will make you greedy"...then guess what, you won't allow yourself to have it or you will never have enough.

You will have constant hardship trying to be prosperous.

Many people have a constant struggle with money simply because of the unknown negative beliefs they have about it.

The most destructive negative beliefs are the ones we don't even know we are thinking. Russell Scott

Now go back to the chair. Imagine how it would be if you let go of your negative belief about the grey chair and saw it just for what it is. You'd probably be very comfortable with it. What happened?

You simply changed your relationship with the chair.

In a similar way you can heal your relationship with money, just by shifting your beliefs.  You can  be more comfortable with it, be friends with it and allow it to come into your life with more ease. This simple shift can be dramatic sometimes even magic, just by letting go of your limiting point of view.

If you can see the potential of how this shift can improve your prosperity, I'd encourage you to join me on the next "Healing Your Relationship with Money" one day, "Pay from the Heart" workshop. You'll be not only letting go of some of your limiting concepts in this area but also experiencing some other profound processes to eliminate self-sabotage to open the flow of money into your life.

Russell Scott

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—Frances Raymond, Toronto, Ontario

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