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A good friend of my David Robinson has just returned from a 4 day intensive Grief Recovery Certification program through the Grief Recovery Institute.

If you have ever suffered a loss in your life (Death of a Loved One or Pet, Divorce, Estrangement or even a loss of Job/Career) and have not gone through an actual Grief Recovery process, you have likely been suffering from the symptoms of unresolved or incomplete Grief and may not even realize it.

Some of the symptoms are • Refusal to talk about your loss, Avoidance of thinking of the loved one your were in relationship with because good memories are painful, Avoidance of places or events that remind you of someone who died or of a previous relationship,

Only talking about the positives qualities and refusing to admit there might have had some negative qualities too, Keeping to exact routines you did when you were still in relationship because you’re afraid you will forget them, Avoidance of getting close to people, A sense of emotional numbness, Reduced concentration, Disrupted sleep patterns, Change of eating habits, Fluctuating mood name a few

He is extending a wonderful offer to people on my mailing list;

Part of his certification involves running a Pilot Grief Recovery Group. This Group would run for 8 weeks and would meet weekly for about 1 to 2 hours

The Fee for this Group would be 30$/per person, essentially the cost of the manual and printing. The going rate for a GRM Group session is usually around 350$/per person for 8 weeks.

He can only take a max of 15 people for this pilot group and plans to run this group beginning, the first week in Sept. on Monday or Tuesday evening.

If you would like to register for this offer or have additional questions, please email him asap at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at any of the numbers below:
Dave Robinson
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
519-836-5323 │1-877-532-3203│Cell 416-557-5323

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“I have a total new life! I’m totally out of the dark and dingy prison that I lived throughout all my life. I’ve broken the shackles that I created and I feel totally free! Love and Compassion have a total different meaning and feeling to me. I truly feel that I’ve got a second chance in Life, and it couldn’t be any greater and better. I feel so excited that I could burst!"

—Elaine Priese, Accounting, Holland Centre, Ontario

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