You have to do it by yourself,
but you don’t have to do it alone.



For many people the world seems to be getting more insecure and crazy.

We are feeling susceptible to the disruption on the planet and it's adding to the overwhelm we experience in our lives. The outer stress can infiltrate our world frustrating our attainment of what we dearly want.

Some people have a vague feeling that they are not in the driver’s seat in their lives. We might conclude we are hopeless to change anything and we just have to go “with the flow”…let go and let god as they say.

But on some level we feel like that’s just going soft…and giving up is just too hard.

Perhaps you may be in this situation.

If so, you may be interested in the

Owning Your Universe Project

I have developed a six week e-program to re-set the energy button in your life from outer influence to inner control so that you can regain your personal power and get back on track to your goals and dreams.

The program consists of approx 15 minutes of daily awareness exercises that you journal and then practice as you go about your every day activity to integrate them into your life. The exercises are deceptively simple but very effective. The understandings that will come from them will be so obvious that you wonder why you missed them.

Here is the weekly program:

  • Week 1: Resetting the power button in your life so you are back in control i.e living by choice rather than by chance, in spite of external disruption.
  • Week 2: Understanding on a profound level that you are the sovereign of your universe, what you control in it and where the sources of your creations originate.
  • Week 3: Deciding what you want in your universe, getting out of the way of it happening and accelerating the change.
  • Week 4: Learning what to do when you get what you don’t want.  Moving from “Oh no” to “Ah yes” …  from a collapsing reaction to a collecting response and then re-connecting to your creative power using the 5 fundamental choices in life.
  • Week 5:  Interacting with others in their universe  How do I want others to treat me and how do I want to treat others? What do I do when my universe intersects with others and they have different choices? 
  • Week 6: Facing the God (or the higher power) issue.  What does she/he/it want from me and me from she/he/it?  Is there a destiny that I am victim to? …and then putting what you have learned into a daily routine and the next steps.

Although this will not be a project of learning success strategies it will establish the foundation in which you are at the strong centre of your life. The belief that you are in control of your experience needs to occur first before anything changes.

Instead of feeling like you are a spectator somehow helplessly watching the movie of your life without your input you will be more able to be the director of your universe.

If you are interested in being a participant here are the details.

Every week for six weeks  you will receive an e-mail with the exercises and practices for that week.

If you have any questions about the assignments you can e-mail me for clarification.

If you do not have time to do the program over the next 6 weeks you can start when you want. You can take the time you need.

Cost: only $35 plus HST and $50 plus HST after February 17th. (plus a small processing fee)

Enroll now by clicking on this link:

Owning Your Universe Project

figures in the dark

Sunday March 3, 2019
2-4 pm

There’s a time on the spiritual path when we meet the “Dark Night of the Soul”. It can hit us suddenly with the loss of loved one, relationship, health, livelihood or cherished dreams. Sometimes it’s a gradual descent into darkness from a lack of meaning and purpose. It zaps our vitality, motivation and zest for life. It’s a deep feeling of emptiness that nothing external can fill.

Come to this inspiring talk by Russell Scott, spiritual retreat leader and author of the book “Awakening the Guru in You”.

He will reveal that the dark night is actually the loss of self and the dark night is a call from your soul to be retrieved and be authentically embodied.

He will share how he recovered his joy and inspiration to lead a more fulfilling life. You will discover that the light you seek at the end of the tunnel is actually in yourself. Once found, it will shine much brighter than before.

Spring Chicken Family Health

8820 Wellington Rd 124, Erin.
Purchase your tickets by clicking here: ATTEND


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I've always thought that we live in a "Have-Do-Be" world, a culture in which many people are stuck in thinking that the more they have the happier they will be.

But there is a catch; to have more, we "have-do" do more, to get what we want, to hopefully 'be" in that happiness.

The having and the doing often take a long time. Some get stuck in the “do-do” and do not enjoy the journey along the way, continually stuck in the unhappiness of not-having.

Happiness seems  only to be enjoyed

when the goal of all the doing is achieved.

The Trap

Even worse is the trap of equating the sense of self worth with what
they have (net worth equals self-worth) Those in this prison cannot
even rest and enjoy their accomplishments because they are not doing something to have more.

They cannot be grateful for having what they have. They need more, or something better or different than others. And since the having is not enough, the doing to have more, is endless.

They rarely gain the precious experience of just being without having to do or have some result. Some people even relegate their being until later…often tragically to the end of their lives or when they are too ill or infirm.

By then they are "being" too late.

Yes some of our satisfaction in life does come from achieving but a good portion can come from not doing anything.

For example: many of us have had profound experiences of the contentment that naturally arises from just being with the present moment the way it actually is eg. the experience of reveling in a sunset, connecting with a loved one or watching a child taking her first steps.

“Don’t just do something, sit there” Zen saying

So how can we be more present.

Well the first thing is we can watch our thoughts. Over time we will notice that most of our mental activity is spent ruminating about what we have done or didn't do in the past or worrying about what we won't have in the future.

It’s like there is a perverse taxi driver in our minds constantly driving us into the past or quickly into the future and never delivering us to our destination of the present moment.

“If you want to be happy, be." - Leo Tolstoy

We do not have to be a victim of that taxi driver.

The second thing we can do is to consciously  choose over and over again to be in the past and then the future and then the present. Then feel the bodily sensation of the happiness of being in the present that spontaneously arises.

(For some people it can be a radical realization to suddenly realize that they do not have to do anything to be happy. Inner contentment is a function of doing nothing: just being.)

We can be in the past, future or present by choice not by chance.

Over time of practicing choosing, you will notice that happiness is gradually infusing your life; you are more heart-centered and grounded and more available in your relationships. Your presence will become more authentic and real as you dwell more in the present.

Personal presence is related to the present moment.

This is one technique of many.

There are more amazingly simple (and fun) techniques that can be acquired that can significantly get you out of your head and improve your enjoyment and happiness in life. I will be teaching these in the “Living from Presence” one day workshop.

If want to experience more inner peace and contentment, this workshop may be just the ticket.

Also if you​ have read about the Coming Home retreat and have  wanted to participate but things like time, money and busyness have gotten in the way, here is a great chance to try out the self-inquiry process I use on this retreat. Its a one day event at a very reasonable cost to you.

Its Pay from the Heart ($25 plus a donation at the end).

Check out the Living from Presence one day workshop:



I don't know about you but there are many times during the day I notice my mind acting like an errant tourist on vacation wandering up and down the streets of fantasy gazing into the shop windows of the future and the past, pulling me out of the focus of what I need to do in the present moment.

Sometimes the tourist becomes a terrorist torturing me with old thoughts of uncompleted conversations, ancient regrets or future worries that keep re-cycling over and over in my head.

They can seriously impact my peace of mind. Sometimes it feels like I am spinning my wheels and getting stuck in a rut that gets deeper and deeper making it even more impossible to escape.

In fact modern brain science has confirmed this.  Dr Amen in his book The Brain Warrior's Way says: "The neurons that fire together wire together."

So every time one thinks of an incident in the past or a future concern, the same cyclical thought pattern is automatically engaged.

Ancient meditation practice refers to this phenomena as "Monkey Mind" and has offered solutions to this problem by distracting the mind's undisciplined focus on the past or future with concentration on something in the present such as a mantra, a picture of the guru or attention on the breath.

In my own research one thing that I have discovered is that the brain really likes music. Given an option to focus on a thought or a musical selection it will choose music every time. Being a musician I gravitate to this.

A song that has engaging, uplifting or even funny lyrics has a double whammy: it is musical and has a thought that replaces the re-cycling thought of the terrorist mind.

Not only that but the music combined with the message of the song positively alters my mood.

I have found that singing the chorus of a song over and over  almost instantly gets me out of these mind loops and gets me back into present time focus.

Find your own songs but if you like, here are a couple of the favorites I use. Just click on the title:

Here Comes the Sun

Never Trust a Puppet

(Warning: You may bust your gut on this one) 

I'll be writing a few more blogs on this subject in the future so stay tuned.

Russell Scott

If mind mastery is of interest to you, check out this upcoming retreat. It is one the important trainings you will receive.

We all make mistakes in close, personal or career relationships. These mistakes can hurt others deeply and destroy in an instant the trust we have so carefully developed over a long time.

We all come into relationships wounded and vulnerable. Sometimes we do things that are insensitive out of our own unhealed pain or be unaware of how delicate our partners are around certain wounds that they are carrying.

We are not 100% fully conscious of others so it is inevitable that others can be hurt by our actions. It is part of being human but it must not be an excuse.

What we do in this situation can bring trust and even greater closeness back. On the other hand to ignore our transgression can ruin close relationships and friendships.


Three Powerful Words

Ever notice what happens when you ask a child to do something they don’t want to do? Their energy just suddenly seems to vanish and they drop to the floor and whine:

“I don’t want to do the dishes. I’m too tired”.

But when you say:
“Okay how about after you do the dishes, we go on the internet and download that Harry Potter movie you wanted to see again?”

Notice how suddenly the energy is back.

Where did it vanish? How did it come back?

The secret…
Its always been there.

It comes and goes depending on our interest.

It’s the same with us.

When we are doing something in life we don’t want to do, the energy fades.
We have to push ourselves to do it.

If we push over and over again, we have to find external ways to get that energy back…

5 cups of coffee, double cream, double sugar.
Lots of vitamins
Protein powder
The whatever-hour energy drink

Then we have to take something to relieve some of the despair.
Maybe alcohol
Extra sleep
Lots of TV
Junk food
Too many healthy dark chocolate bars (I speak from experience here)

The body can start to breakdown forcing it to do what is deflating the soul.

We get stuck in believing life is just a "dirty ritz a-frats" meaningless game.

But out of this pain comes a turning point. 

We start to search.

We  decide to find to out what our lives are really all about, what really turns us on, what we should be really doing i.e. the BIG QUESTION:

Why am I here?

We find when we get clear on our life purpose, something really funky happens... our energy comes back. It’s what's called inherent motivation i.e. the impulse to create our life arises from the inside.

Not the outside.

Its magic.

Where there wasn't there is.

Hope returns.

Having a purpose is just naturally satisfying because we are magnetically drawn to want to accomplish it. It excites and energies us.

We become more engaged. Life has meaning as we see that we consistently accomplish the steps toward our purpose. The best parts of ourselves emerge to face and overcome the barriers that have defeated us in the past. 

We become more of who we truly are.

“He who has a why to live for can bear any how.” Frederick Nietzsche

I don’t know about you but to me one of the biggest regrets is to live not knowing why we are really alive. Imagine a person realizing this on their deathbed?

When we know our purpose, life can become a project worthy of our passion not a huge problem to avoid, 

Hey and we can save a lot on those energy drinks!

If this in some way relates to you check out the Deep Calling retreat:


One of the hardest things to cultivate in life is our relationships with friends, business colleagues and loved ones.

barcelona 959073 340

We can easily get upset with one another and when we do; our feelings are so tender and sensitive. We can get over-reactive and raise our voices and say things we regret or we can under-react and go silent and withdraw.

The Difficult Dance

It’s a difficult dance between communicating honestly and at the same time trying to not hurt others. It’s so easy to err in either direction even when we mean well. We may communicate our truth with too much emotional charge and hurt the one we love or hold back our real feelings and then feel that we have compromised ourselves.

Sometimes we think we know what is going on with others, we tell them and they feel judged.

Oppositely we can feel that others should somehow know what we are going through and we get angry because they don't. Upset increases and we start interrupting one another. The the interruption adds fuel to the fire and pretty soon we get burned pretty bad.

The problem is not so much what we know or even worse what we think others know about us. It’s what we don't know.

Knowledge is not the problem. Lack of knowledge is. The solution is understanding.

Mutual Understanding

Over the years I have found one question to be extremely helpful when things go wrong in relating to others. It is wonderful simple question.

"Tell me what you want me to understand about __________" and insert the subject. (your job, your weight, your health, your lack of energy, your sadness, etc).

You sit down, ask the question, tell your judgements to take a hike, be quiet and listen.

When you don't understand something that's being said fill in the blank with the thing you don't understand and ask the question again.

Don't stop until you have fully understood. When they are finished repeat back to them what you understood. When they say you got it, there will be a remarkable shift. The tension will be vastly reduced.

You will have achieved something called mutual understanding.

You received exactly what they communicated and you both recognized it was the same thing. Its remarkable and for the soul.

Then you ask the person if they will listen and you tell them what you want them to understand about yourself.

Try this out and see how this works.

It’s a miracle to know why?

The Big Thing Going On

It’s because it’s the big thing going on in life. It’s the big purpose... the whole she-bang. We want understanding...understanding about, me, us, life, love, truth, existence. We are in life going for it 100%.

It’s not what we know that's the problem it’s what we don't know...about ourselves and others.

Once we achieve mutual understanding with another then we can proceed to make decisions to solve the problem. Trying to solve a problem before we understand what is really going on, can be a fatal mistake.

We end up making it worse.

Russell Scott

There is a certain clarity that has arrived from knowing you
You are a radiant gift
And do not realize that you are
The Breath of Life that speaks of profound joy and happiness
Innocent, yet lost in the world outside yourself
You long to be seen, yet you hide yourself

I see you because I am you
There will be no hiding…for you cannot hide from one who knows

It is time to remove the armor of your own thoughts of yourself
Release yourself from the thoughts that others have thrown upon you for they equal only to
the thoughts that your mind has created to hold you back.

It is only this that stops us all from going Home
From BEING in the Bliss of the all Knowing
Release the heart and stop the unfriendly chatter of the mind and BE HERE with me

Strip naked and expose your beauty
Lie next to me in the open field
And Trust the Love that shines upon you always
It has not forgotten you
You have forgotten it, along with your Self

Come here


Make a friend of your mind
Forgive yourself and all others
There is NO SHAME in this Love
It is free of Guilt and Shame
It only knows the “you” in the pureness of the Source of all life

There are no errors here
Trust is all you need.

Jennifer McLean

(written after participating in an Enlightenment Intensive (aka Coming Home Retreat) in May 2017 near Vancouver

The Story of Your Heartbackyard ponds

Tell me the story of your heart
It is much different than the other stories you have told
And deeper...
Its springs from the hills
Off in the forest
And flows to the valley
Through the coltsfoot, the fern and the wild ginger root
Through the bubbling pool
Where the whitetail deer quench their thirst,
To the deep pond
Where the brooke trout dart
And the cattails clamour
To hear the bullfrogs burp their blathering conversation.

I will sit by the edge
Gazing at the still cool water reflecting the evening stars
And revel... in the grandeur
Of who you are.

Russell Scott (05.2014)

A number of years ago, I owned a spiritual retreat centre business called the Ecology Retreat Centre. It’s still near Orangeville in a beautiful rural area of Southern Ontario. There are a few cabins, a beautiful lodge, a dining hall and meeting spaces for groups that want to run their own retreats and seminars. Many of these groups run ecology, spiritual, artistic or psychotherapy programs. The centre had a rustic flavour to it with most buildings, like the lodge, being very modern, however it certainly wasn’t like the Hilton.

The Man with the Lexus

lexus27One day, a well-dressed man drove up the driveway in his white Lexus and asked if he could rent a cabin. I immediately thought that he had made a mistake and driven up the wrong driveway. One kilometer down the road was a very posh resort where all a lot of wealthy people would go. When I asked him if he was looking for that resort, he assured me that he had wanted a cabin at my centre. He never told me his real name, but for the sake of the story I’ll call him Steve.

So I drove with him up to a cabin in the woods, got some linens and towels and set him up for the 3-night stay he requested. He paid me in advance.

As I was talking with him I could tell that he was deeply troubled. There was something that was eating him up inside and he seemed close to tears. I was concerned for him but also suspicious.


“When I emerged from the direct experience of who I am (at the retreat) I started to laugh. All of my worries about the future and my resentments about past hurts seemed, in that moment, very small when compared to the vastness of which I was a part. In that moment I knew that joy- real joy that does not deny what is hard in our lives- is a choice. Joy finds us when we feel the elation that comes when we know that we belong- to another, to ourselves, to the world, to the Mystery that is larger than ourselves."

—Oriah Mountain Dreamer from THE INVITATION© 1999 published by Harper San Francisco. All rights reserved. Presented with permission of the author

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