You have to do it by yourself,
but you don’t have to do it alone.



This question can be answered with an honest question. If you were able to do this alone how come you are still searching?

I see the tragedy of this over and over again. ...doing it alone.

As the old saying goes, "if you don’t go within, you go without." And it’s the one thing many don’t actually do enough of. They think about about it... talk about it. But when they sit down to do it, they get bored, lost or lose steam and then I see them years later and they are still stuck. They’ve given up. It breaks my heart.

E.I. ParticipantsThere is a great power in coming to together as a group. The energy of the group is more than the sum of everyone’s individual energy. That energy propels you to make much greater progress than doing this on your own within the ongoing distractions in life.

But more importantly I’ve been guiding people for over 30 years on this journey to self. I’ve been up every blind alley there is and helped thousands of people in a very short time get through barriers they have struggled with by themselves for years. You can take advantage of my experience.

Once again: you have to do this by yourself but you don’t do it alone.


“Within one year of the intensive I left my business and took a chance on a new is not important, nor is status. What is important is the feeling that I am now doing what I was originally meant to do with my life!”

—Mel Steiner, Artist

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