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 Get Unstuck, Get Moving and Achieve Your Heart’s Desires

woman-green-scarfA lot of people I work with feel blocked in some area of their lives.

They’d really like to be happier and be more confident to get what they want in their work and relationships.

They’d like things to be a little easier and not have to push so hard to make success happen.

Some of them are tired of staying strong and pretending everything is okay. Others feel overwhelmed, lost and trapped in the world of “faking it ‘till you make it”. They just can’t take it anymore. Some others are just fed-up with pushing down what they really want to say to others and being “nice” all the time. They can feel pretty defeated, alone and afraid.

They really want their life to turn around but a lot of the things they have tried haven’t worked.

You may have tried some of them: affirmations, the Secret, Law of Attraction, self-help books, praying, webinars, seminars, coping, talking to friends, sucking it up and doing it any way, doing it by yourself, etc. These have provided some relief but you may have found the issues keep re-surfacing later…like the cat, in The Cat Came Back song that couldn’t stay away.

My take on this is: maybe the real problem is we haven’t fully understood where our problems came from and the decisions and strategies we have innocently chosen that are holding us back from the good things in life.

I’d like to invite you to explore a remarkable method called INsight Coaching (aka Clearing). Afterwards if you are interested, you can take advantage of a no-charge 50 minute “What’s going on in my life” exploration session  to see if this method will be helpful.

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INsight Coaching

INsight Coaching is an “assisted” self-inquiry process in which the INsightPractitioner helps you come to greater self-awareness by giving you specific instructions related to your issues. Through thorough questioning and deep listening the INsight practitioner helps you deeply explore your issue(s) find your authentic voice and ensure that your you are seen, heard and consistently understood.

As many incomplete communications are completed including those to others in the past, insights about  earlier decisions come to light and are dissolved. Barriers to your fuller engagement in life disappear. New energy enters the body and the mind becomes clearer. With the problem now understood, the practitioner can then help you develop an action plan and support you to achieve your goals.

The process is based on the understanding that many problems are the result of:

  • Predicaments in life that you were not able to fully experience or comprehend
  • Communications to others that you were unable to make
  • Erroneous beliefs connected with these withholds
  • False solutions or unrealistic decisions that don’t work

The process can free you from re-occurring negative patterns, beliefs, and behaviours. It will improve your ability to define your real goals, accomplish them, enhance communication in your relationships and fulfillment your purpose in life.

INsight Coaching does not involve:

Psychoanalysis or psychotherapy or hypnosis

Any assessment or diagnosis of specific mental or emotional disorders

Interventions to change your thinking or behaviour

Advice or suggestions to take on the therapist’s perspective or point of view

You come up with your own breakthroughs and insights. It is also unlike traditional “therapy” that views your identity as a composite personality that has been genetically programmed and shaped from developmental experiences over your lifetime.

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What INsight Coaching is:

The method is based on a fundamentally liberating set of understandings:

  • You are a unique individual, already complete, divine and universal in nature,
  • You are not your mind or your personality, but you have a mind and personality (just like you have a body) that you “act through”
  • You are the creator of your mind and personality and therefore you can become free of their limitations through your free choice.
  • You do not need to be improved; only your understanding of Self, Life and others and your ability to relate needs to be developed.

INsight Coaching is a not a fit for you if you are:

Suffering from a serious emotional or mental disorder, are limited in becoming self-aware, have significant difficulty completing communication and are unwilling to receive help. It is also not a fit if you want a “therapist” to tell you what your problems are and what you should do about them or have serious untreated addiction problems.

INsight Coaching is a fit for you if you want to come to your own understandings on the nature of your problems and develop solutions that are appropriate to your life situation. You are willing to change and improve your life, and have a good ability to self-inquire and become more self-aware.

I am beyond greatful to Russell! Since 2009 I have worked with different life coaches, read tons of books and watched motivational videos to help me stay positive in a hectic day to day environment. Working with Russell is an experience like no other! The best way I can explain my experience with him is refreshing, exciting and EYE opening . The insight process that he took me through was profound. There were some serious realizations about my life and my childhood. I am so happy I decided to work with Russell. Life makes more sense. I am more patient and understand others frustrations.

I am realizing where my perfectionist behavior is coming from...I no longer need to be so perfect and I feel I can relax more. These 3 sessions meant the world to me. Thank you so much. I can't believe how much I have learned and how much everything has changed in such a short period of time. You are truly amazing at what you do! I highly recommended Russell.  

Andrea Iacchio, Brampton, Ontario

In a matter of 5-6 sessions, INsight Coaching can help you:

  • Connect to the origin of your issues
  • Complete your past relationships
  • Dissolve inner tension
  • Find peace in the real truth about the past (that you discover)
  • Be free of the negative beliefs and false solutions that are holding you back
  • Recover your ability to authentically relate to others from your true self
  • Empower you to achieve your goals in your family career and relationships

Ultimately INsight Coaching helps you improve your ability to overcome your difficulties, take responsibility for how you have created your life and sets you on a new path of creating a brighter future. As your problems are dissolved, your heart opens, wisdom spontaneously occurs and the full magnificence of your true being shows up.

To experience yourself in this modality become freer of your mind and emerge in the magnificence of your True Self is one of the most liberating experiences in life. 

"It has been quite an experience to realize the impact of the sessions we shared. I am still getting used to the shifts that occurred during those two days.  My experience with clearing is rather exponential in nature as compared to other methods. Clearly I was ready for this change and more to come.  I am greatly enjoying observing myself in all interactions with myself and others. So much lighter, transparent, joyful and openly communicative. As I continue to process all that flows forward from that clearing I am feeling for what I would like to next tackle with your help."
Brian Weir, Toronto

How are the sessions done?

Sessions can be:

  • 1 to 1½ hours in duration. It is best if 2 sessions are done in a day with a break in between. (This produces more breakthroughs than sessions done weeks apart.)
  • Done on a weekly basis but are most effective done over 3 to 5 days (depending on the issues)
  • Done by in person or by Zoom anywhere in the world.
  • Alternatively arranged at a local retreat centre with meals and accommodation. Clients can retreat to take 2 - 7 days off just to work on themselves. Massage, reiki, intuitive readings and other modalities can be included in the package.
  • Paid for by cash, credit card, cheque or e-transfer.

Single sessions are $100.00/hour or $80.00 hour (incl hst) if you book multiple sessions (see below)

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There are 3 packages available:

1. Introductory Package (for individuals who want to try out the process) includes:

  • Discovery Session (50 minutes)
  • 2 INsight coaching sessions (90 minutes each)
  • 1 Follow-up check in session (30 minutes)
  • “Inspired Direction” guided meditation CD

Cost: A $330 value for $240 (includes hst) 

2. Unblock and Get Moving Package includes:

  • Comprehensive Discovery session (60-90 minutes)
  • 5 INsight coaching sessions (90 minutes each)
  • 1 Follow-up check-in session (30 minutes)
  •  "Inspired Direction” guided meditation CD
  •  $50.00 discount on other service or retreats
  • A copy of Russell's book: "Awaken the Guru in You"

 Cost: A $700 value for $600 or 3 monthly payments of $200 (includes hst)

3. Achievement Package (full package for individuals wanting to make significant transformation and achieve important life goals) includes:

  • Comprehensive Discovery session (60-90 minutes)
  • 5 INsight Coaching sessions (60-90 minutes each)
  • 6 Strategy and Support sessions once a month (60 minutes each)
  • Life Creation, Inspired Direction and I Am Calm guided meditation CD’s
  • Problem Resolver e-course
  • The Deep Calling program on how to find your life purpose
  • $100.00 discount on other services or retreats
  • A copy of Russell's book: "Awaken the Guru in You"

Cost: A $1,225 value for $1,000 or 5 monthly payments of $200.00

Customized packages are available by consultation.

Terms: A non-refundable deposit of $80.00 is required to book sessions (refundable if sessions are re-booked within 6 months)

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Now that you have read this there are two questions to ask you.

Do you want to turn your life around? 
(Sorry about the question...really of course most of us do.)


Would you like to find out if INsight Coaching can help you?

The first step to start that journey is easy.

Contact me (Russell) now and book a no-charge 50 minute  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Its a free exploration session (valued at $80). In this breakthrough session you and I will examine these areas together:

  • What are the challenges you are facing right now?
  • What are the ideal goals you would like to accomplish
    (Sometimes we settle for second-best)
  • What is really motivating you underneath that goal?
    (Find that out and you’ll get more energy)
  • What’s stopping you? (It may not be what you think)

At the end of the session, I will offer my suggestions and answer any questions you have about INsight Coaching. You can then determine what package is a fit for you. There will be no manipulative sales techniques.

If is it is a fit,  you and I will map out a step-by-step strategy to help you get unstuck, get moving and achieve what you want in life.

The session can be done by phone or by Zoom. Book your 50 minute session now by clicking on the e-mail below  and requesting the session at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or Call 519-829-4149

Personal Guarantee:

Satisfaction guaranteeI have given over 1000 hours of one-to-one sessions for over 25 years and I am so confident that INsight Coaching can help you that I offer a100% money back guarantee. If you have put your best effort into the first 3 sessions and  in your opinion you have not been helped I will refund your money. I know of no other coach that offers this guarantee.

For your convenience installment payment plans can be arranged.

What people have said about Clearing

“I have been working to become balanced in body, mind, and spirit. In the process I came up against a wall of deep-seated old fear that I was unable to source on my own. I contacted Russell Scott to assist me. Over a weekend I had five mind clearing sessions with him. Russell helped me get to the root of my blocks. I was impressed by his ability to work intuitively and gently to help me understand and let go of the fear that I was allowing to keep me frozen in time. Thank you, Russell for helping me move on with my life and live my passion.”

—Deborah Eikle Thompson, Life Facilitator, Lapland, Nova Scotia

"I had reached a point in my life when the story that I had of myself was not working, and like a hamster on a treadmill I continued doing things without being aware of my story. When I looked back on the choices I had made in my life they were all pointing in the direction of Life being hard and difficult...Life is full of suffering.... You have to work hard to get by.... Everything is difficult. Those were the statements I was telling myself and life delivered them all to me.

Every job I ever was hard, difficult and my bosses were arrogant and nasty. I was overworked and underpaid in all of them. My relationships were difficult. Money was hard to come by and as soon as I got some it disappeared.
I felt stuck in every avenue of my life and was not sure what to do or even how to go about getting unstuck. I was always telling myself that life was difficult treadmill. I did not realize that the problem was myself.

When I did the clearing session with Russell I looked back and saw that the story I was living was created with the logic of a small child. I was responsible for that story. But the truth was that child was perfect and deserved the best from life. The story I had been living all these years was seriously flawed and I let go of it.

The Clearing session was a great opportunity to change and move forward. I no longer feel depressed and if I feel defeated sometimes, my new understanding stands in front of me reminding me I no longer can put on the crutches of an old, unproductive story. I have not won the lottery, however when I feel down, I can immediately reach into myself and be honest with what the issue is and deal with it. Scary in a way now because I`m no longer on crutches and have no fall backs or victim So it’s onwards and upwards for me. Thanks for everything.”

Corina Pereira, Barrie

"My experience with my clearing sessions  felt like suspended moments in time reserved for chiseling away at years of solid rock until my hardened past dissolved into the dust of the world and blew away, leaving clean and clear skies for sunlight to filter through.  The reflection of oneself seems readily available in the warm understanding of Russells' kind "Thank you" and unveils itself a little more each day after."

Amber Dawn Bellamere, Toronto

After my sessions with Russell, I took a wonderful hike in the woods and did summersaults, made snow angels and just played in the snow, writing messages in the snow, giggling and singing and welcoming this new part of me, bringing her into the light. Her name is “Anna Banana” and she is raw, wild, passionate, childlike, innocent, creative, uninhibited, comfortable in her own skin, happy, vibrant and excited by life. She likes to draw, paint, sing, dance, cook, play. She sometimes needs help and support. Sometimes she needs to be taken care of.
Then went to the Contra Dance on Saturday night. I danced with so much heart and energy, kinky hair flying – Anna Banana was with me. I saw . Tonight I am going to make a big poster of Anna Banana. I’ll colour it with crayons and hang it in my bedroom so I see it first thing every morning. She will not be stifled again! Thank you Russell from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and guidance and for your deep listening.

Anne Gillispie, Burlington

Before I worked with Russell I was having difficulty enjoying life. I had a good job, an amazing wife, an amazing home and a lot of important friends and family in my life. I was also a musician I always thought, I'll get a good day job that allows me to play music and life will be good. That day never came.
With Russell, I was able to change my thought process about music and life. Together we somehow put some pieces of that soul back together. I learned how important it is to focus on what is important to me in life and not what everyone thinks.Little did I know that these sessions would become the basis of my new record. In May 2019 I rented a cottage and took my two best buddies on what we now call "the positivity train" and we completed those songs together. All of these changes would not have been possible without Russell's guidance. I still have to work at happiness everyday, but I now I am doing my music full time and I know it's the most meaningful work of my life and I am doing it for me and my soul, not for anyone else's approval or acceptance.

Woody Woodburn, Rockwood

Book Now the free “What’s Really Going On in My Life?” session. Click on;
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“I have met the Real me and he is an amazing person, strong and powerful yet delicate and vulnerable.”

—Ralph Granz, Mechanical Engineer, Toronto, Ontario

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